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Health for Humanity Conference
Click:1140    author:Liu Jin   source:information centre   update:[2014-5-14]  

Health for Humanity Conference
Holistic Approaches to Pandemic Risk and Response
June 15 – 17, 2014
Highland Resort Conference Centre, Aviemore, Scotland

Hosted by:  
Hanwang Forum
World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies
Cercel Mondial du Consensus: Consensus for Self-Sustaining People,
Organisations and Communities (CMDC-SPOC, UN Accredited NGO)
China Health and Medical Development Foundation
Shen Foundation

Organisers:  Shen Foundation

Traditional Medicine Department of the World Health Organisation
Scotland Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Northumbria University
Rotary Club International
Pathway International
Rocky Mountain Institute
China International Expo of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Botanicals
Classical Chinese Medicine Society
China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Data Broadcast Union
Beijing Da Cheng Ren Ji Institute of Medical Research
IM-Well Ltd, Scotland
UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture
Tang Chinese Education

China Health and Medical Development Foundation
Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Classical Chinese Medicine Foundation
Shen Foundation


Theme: Holistic Approaches to Pandemic Risk and Response

Introduction: The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners and innovators to raise awareness and initiate actions to address the global risk of pandemic, drawing on both conventional medicine and ancient wisdom. We seek to create effective and scalable long-term solutions to promote improved health, reduce pandemic risk and increase capacity to respond to pandemics. The meeting will include practitioners and experts in relevant disciplines from China, the US, and Europe.

Context: The recent confirmation of human cases of H10N8 in China marks an unprecedented fifth novel influenza virus emergence event in the past 17 years. The underlying biological drivers of emerging disease risk reflect growing pressures of human activities in the earth’s living systems and increasing risk of pandemic outbreak. At the same time, global society, economies, and supply chains are interconnected and interdependent to an unprecedented degree. For these reasons, pandemic poses greater risks to human society than ever before. Addressing these risks and responding to pandemics will require new approaches to deal with challenges at many different levels, including health and medicine, community and societal response, economic adaptations and ecosystem protection. Mobilizing solutions across these levels will require human awareness, consciousness, and cooperation.

Conference Goals:
• Improve health for humanity by promoting immunity and disease prevention.
• Actively promote the application of immunity recovery and enhancement in pandemic response.

Executive Framework for the Conference:

Advisory Committee (Their Biographies are listed later):  Dr W. Brian Arthur, Dr Eric Rasmussen, Dr. Qi Zhang (TBC), Liming Robert Yang, Dr Andrew Powell, Jim Newcomb, Stephen Aldrich, Dr Bisong Guo

Chairperson of Plenary Conference: Andrew Powell

Chairman of Executive Committee: Liming Robert Yang

Vice-Chairman of Executive Committee:
• Lawrence Bloom- President of Pathway International, Switzerland, Vice Chair of Climate Prosperity Strategies, the former Chairman of the UN Environmental Programme, Green Economy Initiative, Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council.
• Dr. Royston Flude-President of CMDC-SPOC and the Regional Coordinator of Disaster Relief for Rotarian Action Group, Europe

Secretary General of Executive Committee: Zhiqiang Zhao

Operation Team

International Liaison: Zhiqiang ZHAO;   Tech Support: John Heaney;    PR: Rupert Lander; Local Liaison: Therese Poon;                Fundraiser: Zhiqiang ZHAO;
Administrator: Zhiqiang ZHAO, Martin Chen;   Marketing and Advertising: Therese Poon

Featured Speakers:

• Dr David Nabarro (Special recorded message) -Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Food Security and Nutrition, the Senior UN System Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza.
• Dr W. Brian Arthur, Leading economist and philosopher, Santa Fe Institute, Former Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies and Economics, and Professor of Human Biology, at Stanford University.
• Dr Eric Rasmussen, CEO, Infinitum Humanitarian Systems (IHS). Leads IHS’ humanitarian support and disaster response worldwide, Affiliate Associate Prof. of Medicine, Univ. Washington.
• Dr Ann Marie Kimball, Senior Program Officer, Epidemiology and Surveillance, Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Health Services, Adjunct in Medicine (Infectious Diseases and Informatics) at the University of Washington.
• Dr Juan Lubroth (Representative), the Chief of the Animal Health Service and Chief Veterinary Officer of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
• Dr Rebecca Goolsby, US Office of Naval Research, Anthropology and Social Media Expert
• Prof Mark Harrison, Wellcome Unit, History of Medicine, Oxford University.
• James Newcomb, Managing Director of Rocky Mountain Institute.
• Frank Chien, Director of Health & Rehabilitation Program, China Ageing Development Foundation
• Prof Yanjie Gao, Director and Senior Engineer & Statistician, Office of Information Technology for Healthcare, Ministry of Health of China; Vice Chairman of Chinese Medical Information Association, Director of Branch of Information Statistics of China Hospital Association; Expert of China National Science and Technology Key Projects.
• Dr Zaijin Ren, Deputy Secretary General, China Medical Women’s Association.
• Dr Bisong Guo, Director, Shen Foundation, Classical Chinese Medicine Society.

Panellists& Breakout Chairs:
• Dr Margaret Somerville, Director of Public Health and Health Policy, NHS Highland.
• Dr Yon Chung, Vice President of World Institute of Social System Engineering, Expert of Social System Engineering.
• Carin Schwartz, Director of Transition Town Forres, Scotland.
• Robert Yang, Vice-Chairman and Executive Secretary-General of International Health Forum. Vice Secretary-General of China Health & Medical Development Foundation.
• Dr Royston Flude, President of CMDC-SPOC and the Regional Coordinator of Disaster Relief for Rotarian Action Group, Europe.
• Stephen C. Aldrich, Founder and President, Bio Economic Research Associates LLC.


Topics of Plenary Sessions:
• Holistic View of Pandemic Risk, Disease Emergence, and Ecological Connections: Disease in human history, social, political, and economic consequences.
• Pandemic Prevention and Resilience in Individuals and Communities: Exploring how to bring together ancient wisdom and conventional medicine in order to strengthen personal immunity, improve health, reduce pandemic risk and optimise both the individual and group response to pandemics?
• Approaches by Tools: What cultural and societal tools, new and old, can we employ to advance the development of solutions?
• Integrative and Complex Systems Thinking: How can we bring greater awareness of the interconnectedness of ecosystem health and the risk of disease emergence? How may human culture and civil society demonstrate resilience and a creative evolutionary response in the face of the fear and economic destabilization that a severe pandemic will incur?

• Identification of key areas of potential complementarity between conventional medicine and Chinese medicine and mind-body practices in responding to pandemics.
• Agreement to pilot new approaches using these tools in between nations.
• Identification of key areas for collaborative research and application in order to develop greater understanding of how Chinese medicine may contribute to pandemic response.
• Creation of an ongoing international working group.

Structure: The conference will feature presentations and discussion with leading international experts as well as collaborative, working level discussions and engagement.

Timing and Venue: The conference will be held June 15–17 2014 at the MacDonald Aviemore Resort Convention Centre near Inverness, Scotland.


EMAIL: wfas1987@foxmail.com

Participants: The conference will gather a diverse group of up to 400 practitioners and experts from China, the U.S. and Europe, including experts on emerging infectious diseases, public health and other professionals responsible for risk mitigation and emergency response, health care providers, community planners, economists, resilience experts, and others working to promote health through both conventional medicine and ancient wisdom. 

Advisory Group:

Dr W. Brian Arthur, External Professor, Santa Fe Institute. Brian Arthur is a leading economist and technology thinker. He is the recipient of the Schumpeter Prize in Economics (1990) and the Lagrange Prize in Complexity Science (2008). He was formerly Dean and Virginia Morrison Professor of Population Studies and Economics, and Professor of Human Biology, at Stanford University. Dr Arthur is one of the pioneers of the science of complexity and has had a long association with the Santa Fe Institute, (he has served on its Board of Trustees, and Science Board). He is currently a Senior Advisor to the President of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He is the recipient of the Schumpeter Prize in Economics (1990) and the Lagrange Prize in Complexity Science (2008).

Dr Larry Brilliant: the President of the Skoll Global Threats Fund and Senior Adviser to Jeff Skoll. In this role, Larry will develop the strategy and approach for the newly launched Fund, as well as advise Jeff Skoll on ways to leverage his various commercial and philanthropic entities to drive positive change on urgent social and environmental issues. Prior to joining Skoll, Larry served as the inaugural Executive Director of Google.org and, later, Chief Philanthropy Evangelist, working with the company’s cofounders to define the mission and strategic goals of Google’s philanthropic efforts. This included overseeing the Google Foundation, Google Grants, and the company’s other major social change initiatives. he was named “International Public Health Hero” by the University of California. In February 2006 he received the Sapling Foundation’s TED Prize.

Dr Eric Rasmussen, MD, MDM, FACP; CEO, Infinitum Humanitarium Systems. Dr. Rasmussen leads IHS’ humanitarian support and disaster response in countries around the world. His other positions include: Instructor in Disaster Management at the National Institute for Disaster Prevention in Beijing, China; Research Professor for Environmental Security and Global Medicine, San Diego State University; and Affiliate Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington. Dr Rasmussen retired in 2010 as President and Chief Executive Officer of InSTEDD, a Google-founded NGO specializing in humanitarian support through technology and education. Before his selection as CEO of InSTEDD, Dr. Rasmussen spent 25 years on active duty with the US Navy, including more than 15 deployments to multiple natural disasters and three wars. On his Navy retirement he was both Chairman of the Department of Medicine within the Navy hospital near Seattle, Washington, and Special Advisor in Humanitarian Informatics for the US Office of the Secretary of Defense. He has been a Principal Investigator for both the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and for the National Science Foundation, and he sits on several boards, including the National Academy of Science’s Committee on Grand Challenges in International Development.

Robert Liming Yang: Vice-Chairman of the Organization and Executive Secretary- General of International Health Forum, Vice Secretary-General of China Health & Medical Development Foundation. He initiated ‘International Health Alliance’ and dedicates himself to ‘Healthy China project’. He also actively involves in many health-related projects in China such as Healthy Chinese mobile hospital, primary care staff training, healthy cities and national health action etc. He puts great efforts to explore the mechanisms of healthy development of individuals, families, communities, organizations and cities.

Dr Bisong Guo, Director of the Shen Foundation, Director of Classical Chinese Medicine Society, UK Representative and Member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Acupuncture & Moxibustion Societies, Director of a Community Education related UN NGO, Director of the Sub-health Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine and Health Secretary of the Hanwang Forum. Dr Guo is a graduate of Western Medicine and of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been an established instructor in QiGong for many years, having trained with Daoist masters and subsequently teaching QiGong in numerous centres across the world. She has published papers on Acupuncture and QiGong in the Journal of Chinese Medicine and is co-author with Dr. Andrew Powell of Listen to Your Body: The Wisdom of the Dao (University of Hawaii’s Press).

Stephen C. Aldrich, President, Bio Economic Research Associates LLC (Bio-era). Steve Aldrich is the founder of Bio-era, an independent research and advisory firm specializing in complex issue analysis at the intersection of our emerging knowledge of biology and the economy. Steve studied evolutionary biology at Harvard (1978) before entering business. bio-era pioneered the economic analysis of emerging infectious disease, including SARS, H5N1, H1N1, and pandemic influenza in general. Steve is a contributing member of the UN’s “Toward a Safer World” coalition and network, and is the author or co-author of numerous articles, books, and reports on disease risk and economics and synthetic biology.

James Newcomb, Managing Director, Rocky Mountain Institute; Senior Associate, Bio Economic Research Associates. James Newcomb is an economist, writer, and scenario planner with 30 years experience in leading cutting-edge research organizations. His work spans strategic thinking about the transition to a sustainable energy future, innovation, and disease risk and the interconnectedness of the earth’s living systems. At bio-era, he helped to pioneer new approaches to understanding and addressing the economic risks of emerging infectious diseases, publishing a series of papers on the economics of disease risk and prevention. In 2005, he testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the economic risks of an influenza pandemic. Earlier in his career, he was the founding president and CEO of E Source and managing director of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Mr. Newcomb holds a BA in economics, cum laude, from Harvard University and an MA in Energy and Resources from the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr Andrew Powell, MA.,MB.,BChir.,MRCP.,FRCPsych. Founding Chair of the Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists UK. Following postgraduate studies in medicine, Dr Powell specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy at the Maudsley Hospital, London. Formerly Consultant Psychotherapist and Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at St. George’s Hospital, London and Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the University of Oxford, Andrew has a life-long interest in the relationship of spirituality to psychology, encompassing analytic therapies, psychodrama, and soul-centred psychotherapy. He is co-author with Dr Bisong Guo of ‘Listen to your Body – the Wisdom of the Dao’ (University of Hawai’i Press) and co-editor of 'Spirituality and Psychiatry' (Royal College of Psychiatry publications). Andrew’s papers on spirituality and healthcare are available from the publications archive of the Spirituality and Psychiatry website at www.rcpsych.ac.uk/spirit.

Dr Qi Zhang, Director of the Traditional Medicine Department of the World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland. Dr Zhang obtained a M.D. degree in the Medical School of Southeast University and further obtained a master's degree focusing on the combination of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and western medicine from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He also received training in communication skills and WHO working procedures in WHO/WPRO, and received education in public health in the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Before joining WHO, Dr Zhang Qi was the Director-General of the International Cooperation Department of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. He used to be a doctor, a researcher and an officer in the governmental agency.

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